Beyond the Curriculum

Our academic curriculum is enhanced by an extensive extra-curricular programme that offers our children ways to extend their knowledge, explore their talents and above all, to enjoy their educational experience.

  • Our students have the opportunity to participate in different sports, art and clubs during the school day. In the clubs, they are offered drama, choir, and playing a variety of musical instruments such as the piano, the recorder, the violin, the xylophone, drums and cajon.
  • The school offers a lot of competitions that appeal to all students’ tastes and talents. Through competitions students can gain better understanding of how to deal with conflicting opinions and ideas and they develop self-discipline.
  • Community service takes the shape of active citizenship where students support areas in need of service in school and outside school. All students in all grade levels are collaboratively working on four main concepts: The environment, food and water crises, special needs and the underprivileged.
  • The internship programme aims at developing the students’ skills such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, attention to detail and sense of responsibility and more. It creates leaders rather than followers as it helps students adjust their attitudes and values associated with efficient performance and meeting expectations. Finally, it reinforced the students’ sense of belonging to their school community. The tasks students select as part of the internship programme include canteen supervisor, student buddy, eagle eye, teacher assistant and bullying officer.