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Our goal is to nurture our learners to develop into well-rounded citizens, maintaining their unique identity and culture in a competitive and rapidly changing world.


Our mission is to adopt a holistic learning approach to foster each learner’s intellectual, cultural, social, physical and moral development with an emphasis on emotional and mental wellbeing. We deliver academic excellence building on the proven quality of the British curriculum while fostering the global perspective.

In the British School of Elite Education, excellence is our end in mind. This is achieved by adopting a holistic approach to education following the rigorous British curriculum. We aim to develop our learners’ wide array of skills through experiential learning in an enjoyable and inviting school life.

Faith in our mission along with a team of dedicated and highly qualified teachers, and a rich learning environment are the components to excellence that will inspire our learners to do their best and excel in their lives. May God help us fulfill our mission for the welfare of our learners.

Mrs. Lobna El Mihy
Managing Director

Achieving Excellence in Life